Lecture Series: Personal Power & Your Dream Life from IGTV

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This episode is from the Spirit School Lecture Series that highlights my live teachings in the areas of mediumship, spiritual and personal development, entrepreneurship and quality of life.  Today’s episode is about manifesting your dream life and cultivating personal power. It is from a few IGTV videos and I hope it inspires you to call in the schedule and life you love. 


Recently, I decided to outsource my weekly laundry and that made me feel so abundant! Time freedom has always been a focus for my dream life and I love finding more ways to manifest it.


In this episode, I share how I called in my dream weekly schedule as an entrepreneur by allowing myself to dream big. I share about the shift from staying small to expanding so that I can inspire others by shining brightly. Have a journal handy to follow along with my exercise to manifest your dream week!


Some of the main points from the episode are:

  • My love for the creativity of entrepreneurship
  • Women pursuing their dreams despite limiting beliefs
  • Being clear and specific with our words when manifesting
  • The uncertainty when you take the leap as an entrepreneur
  • Speak from the heart and show up authentically
  • Realizing your power inspires others so there is no need to dim your light
  • Doing what scares you offers invaluable growth
  • Having boundaries around your cycles and time
  • How to manifest your dream week
  • Manifesting from feelings and emotions
  • Devotion and following your intuition leads to downloads
  • Learning how to find balance in your routines to optimize your own energy
  • Cultivating self love and personal power without external validation

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