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For today’s episode, I am sharing a Q+A session from the most recent cohort of The Initiation so that you can get a taste of the types of topics we cover! I will be running this signature program at least one more time, and the waitlist is available below. In addition to the foundations for your first 3 years of mediumship development, I also tailor the classes and Q+A sessions to the needs of the students in the cohort, making each round of the experience unique! 

Before the episode, I shared a few Spirit School updates before I take my first break in 2023! There has been so much happening between the membership, running programs, planning the retreat, and building my physical school on the Squamish waterfront. I may be experiencing decision fatigue from the renovation, but there have been so many magical moments on this journey. I already have Sheila V, Dominic Bogue and Julie Poole scheduled to teach in the Spirit School space this year! I’ve also had money and connections appear effortlessly to provide solutions as I needed them. I’ve felt that my late mentor Mavis Pittilla has had a hand in making the Spirit School journey so magical!

Spirit School Links

The Initiation Summer 2023 Waitlist: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/63d3191cde520bd60dc33d63

The Initiation 2.0 Summer 2023 Waitlist: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/641a55f4dc3789176b6944ea

Spirit School Collective: https://www.squamishmedium.com/spiritschoolcollective

Join us on the FREE Spirit School platform: https://myspiritschoolcollective.com/plans/

Trauma Informed Lightworker Waitlist: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/6398f03888aca7e15696b1fa

Visit Spirit School at https://www.squamishmedium.com/ for all courses and upcoming programs

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Questions & Topics:

  • Some of my readings are intuitive, and some mediumship, and some both. I’ve had a lot of people ask how often they can book a session. I just said they could whenever they feel called to do so. But I’m not really sure if there’s a rule of thumb for this. What do you suggest, Danielle? 
  • Avoiding codependency and taking opportunities to mentor clients in their own gifts
  • Do you allow your sitters to record your readings? I know some mediums are very adamant about no recording, but this seems to be a popular request. What are the major concerns with this?
  • Accepting cringe moments and shadows, and challenging “standards” in mediumship
  • When did you really know that mediumship was for you, that this was something you wanted to do as a profession? Did you feel it like a calling or was it more like a slow burn?
  • Could you talk a little bit about knowing when you’re ready to serve the public? I’m finding that I’m always thinking I’m just not good enough and I am kind of wondering if I’ll get to the point where I do feel good enough. 
  • I’ve heard many people say it’s easier to read for those who actually have a need, but then I get worried that I won’t meet their need. Any insight to this? 
  • I find myself asking clarifying questions during my readings to ensure I’m interpreting and discerning information from the spirit accurately. Any tips on how to get away from doing this?
  • I find I do best when my sitter is more involved in the reading. For instance, when they ask questions, I receive the answers quickly. When we don’t have a specific question or intention, I find the reading still works, but it’s not as powerful. Any thoughts on this?
  • Can you speak about when we have a hard time connecting to a sitter and what that might indicate, and maybe how to maintain a connection when you feel you’re not connecting fluidly? 
  • As a reader, how do you manage more than one spirit coming through in a reading? I often feel overwhelmed. 
  • Have you ever used a feedback form for your sitters while you’re still practicing prior to professional? 
  • The importance of reciprocity