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Lecture Series: Evolving Spiritual Philosophies from IGTV

This episode is from the Spirit School Lecture Series that highlights my live teachings in the areas of mediumship, spiritual and personal development, entrepreneurship and quality of life.  Today’s episode about evolving spiritual philosophies is from an IGTV video in February 2022. 

This live video was from a time when I was struggling emotionally, physically and spiritually and I feel that it will likely resonate with many of you at this time as well. I then shared about changing my spiritual beliefs through experiences. 

Some of the main points from the episode are:

  • Finding mediumship when I was searching for what happens to people who were not good people in this lifetime when they pass
  • At age 17, I found Sylvia Brown’s work and read all of her books, taking them as truth
  • I became a paranormal investigator and that was my spirituality at the time
  • Beginning my mediumship journey at 31, my experiences did not reflect her beliefs
  • I had a mentor who taught us to seek answers ourselves from spirit
  • My experiences with people who crossed themselves over was not the harsh reality Sylvia described
  • I teach from my experiences in the current moment and they change as I grow and evolve over time
  • I am also open to expanding on what I bring into my healing journey
  • When we sign up for a spiritual path, we have to grow and evolve
  • When some popular figures went born again Christian, my guides said that people serving out of integrity are redirected to a different way of being
  • We choose our beliefs 
  • You will always end up where you’re meant to be, you may just have different stories depending on your choices
  • I don’t do psychic readings because it feels like taking away free will
  • My public speaking coach helped me connect to my feminine energy through my authentic voice
  • The colour red is has archetypal feminine energy
  • I am finally starting to share my beliefs on things I’m passionate about
  • You have to put yourself out there before your ready to not get stuck in fear
  • I have healers to support me with energetic cleansing and cord cutting
  • We all have blind spots as lightworkers
  • Envy is being expanded by what someone else has
  • I do not believe in triggering people intentionally and am getting certified in trauma informed practices
  • Emotions get stored in our bodies and we aren’t taught to process them
  • We can be multifaceted in our offerings with multiple modalities
  • I am working towards finding unconditional power
  • To learn about a philosophy, I put it out to spirit to direct me to answers



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