Laser Beams Killed the Dinosaurs, but Cigs Killed Wojtek the Polish Army Bear; Pt. 1 of Sasquatch

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Hey Misfits! This special episode, Steve and Emmy dive into two of their favorite subjects: aliens and animals. Steve kicks off with a discussion of Wojtek, an actual real life bear who joined the Polish Army. Not only did this bear help out the troops, but he kicked back with the boys, drinkin brews and smokin cigs. Pretty chill. Then, Emmy carries us through part 2 of the world according to Ancient Aliens. And let me tell you, it’s even crazier than part 1. Did you know that aliens killed all of the dinosaurs with laser beams? Even more surprising, the Ancient Aliens guy makes his hair look like a heap of dry spaghetti ON PURPOSE. Lastly, Steve and Emmy discuss Episode 1 of the hit Hulu doc, Sasquatch: there’s 3 murders, one Bigfoot, and a ton of weed. You won’t want to miss it.

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