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Lafcadio Hearn: The Man Who Invented Spooky New Orleans

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The popular image of New Orleans as a spooky, mysterious city full of witchcraft and voodoo mischief needs no introduction. But few know that the city owes this image largely to the work of an Irishman named Lafcadio Hearn – a Victorian-era writer and traveller who sought out magic and mystery wherever he went, a collector of folklore and stories of everyday life. During his ten years writing about life in the Crescent City, he emphasised its sensuality and difference from the rest of America.

Today, the ripples he created still affect how we think about New Orleans and Louisiana. So join Cian for a bourbon at the cabin in the woods as we explore the backstreets of the French Quarter and the bayous beyond, searching for the reality behind the myths of voodoo queens and superstitions.


A Fantastic Journey by Paul Murray


Inventing New Orleans by Frederick Starr


Book Of The Dead by Jamie Russell


Ghosthunter theme (PS2) The Swamp Cemetary


Marie Laveau by Papa Celestin


Tellers Of Weird Tales


Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens


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