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This fall on House Haunters!

Ashley Casseday and Lauren Ogle are taking their talents to the HOME IMPROVEMENT realm and taking their SPIRITS with them!

Wouldnt that be a great show?  Hey kids, welcome to one of your all time favorite episodes LISTENER GHOST STORIES!! 

This week Ashley and Lauren are sharing EIGHT creepy tales sent in by YOU; we’ve got ghosts, bogeymen, alien abductions, strange creatures and SO many haunted houses.  Where are y’all FINDING these haunted homes?!

As usual with LGS episodes, they are best enjoyed with a set of headphones so you can hear ALL the creepy little details in the sound effects and scores.  The first four stories are scored by our usual composer Vivek Abishek.  Others include Fesliyan Studios and Megan McDuffee.

Alright, lock your doors, turn out your lights and make sure your feet are tucked in to your covers… it’s time to get scared.