Kris Millegan – Trine Day | My Family’s In The CIA, Golden Triangle, and Ken Kesey

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On this episode, We invite Kris Millegan onto the show to discuss his life, his fathers career in the CIA, and why he began the publishing company TrineDay, one of the worlds best collections of books in the conspiracy (or history) genre. Kris Shared his insights on the CIA Drug Trafficking, The Vietnam War, Secret Societies, publishing controversial and suppressed information and much more. Kris shared personal anecdotes about being a lifelong hippy and counter culture connoisseur, from getting busted for possession of marijuana before it was federally illegal to his longtime friendship with Ken Kesey. Please go to and support the amazing authors and researchers that TrineDay has published in the past +25 years. Also please listen to Kris’ Podcast TrineDay: The Journey Podcast

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