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IN THIS EPISODE: We’re all familiar with the poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas” – better known as, “Twas The Night Before Christmas”. But while we know the poem, we can’t be quite as sure about who wrote it. (The Christmas Poem That Started a Feud) *** One of the great (and now, sadly, lapsed) Christmas traditions is the telling of ghost stories. On one particular year, a British teenager took this pastime to a whole other level. He didn’t read about a Christmas Eve haunting. He experienced one. (The Phantom Choir of St. Albans) *** The past few years have made Krampus, the Christmas devil, a star of the big screen. But have you noticed that every version of him is different than the others? This may of course be in part to creative license, but it might have just as much if not more to do with the fact that none of the filmmakers had any idea of just what Krampus truly is, what he is all about, and how terrifying he can be. (Krampus, The Christmas Monster) *** Disaster strikes a small Illinois town on Christmas Eve, stripping away all that was merry and bright for the families who lived there. (The Christmas Eve Mine Disaster)
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