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Knowing what happens before it happens is impossible. But then why does it happen so frequently? I receive so many emails from people who have their own wild moments of knowing something they couldn’t have known. I want to share them with you today so that you can see just how common this phenomenon is and the various ways it can happen, so maybe you won’t write off that next coincidence right away. First, I tell the tale of a girl who had a disturbing dream. Then, I narrate the peculiar experience of a woman who sensed something happened to her husband. Next, I share the story of a girl who predicted something completely by accident. Then, I read the unsettling experience of a boy and his sister who narrowly escaped death thanks to his sister’s intuition. And finally, I tell the tale of a woman who saw her deceased friend multiple times before her funeral. Ch 1: I predicted a murder, submitted by Angelica Ch 2: My grandma knew something was wrong, submitted by Anonymous Ch 3: I accidentally prepared for my dad’s death, submitted by Sheyn Ch 4: My sister saved us, submitted by Ralph Ch 5: The dreams I had before her funeral, submitted by Rainee Thank you Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode!
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