Kelly–Hopkinsville Encounter: The Birth of “Little Green Men” | 286

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August 21, 1955 started off like so many others in the small community of Kelly, Kentucky, just another hot summer night. Lucky Sutton along with his family and friends were enjoying a quiet peaceful evening. But they were about to find out what was lurking in the darkness. They had visitors, ones not from this earth. After hours of siege from these beings, a gunfight, and visits of police, the event was over. Then the crazy really began…

Did small, metallic “goblins” really attack a family and their friends in rural Kentucky that fateful night? Or, did old carnival buddies have a bit too much of the sauce and spin a yarn that got out of control? So out of control that the whole world came a knocking… It’s the Kelly–Hopkinsville Encounter and the birth of “Little Green Men” this week on Hysteria 51.

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