“JUNE O’BRIEN’S SATANIC TOASTER” and Other Strange True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: If you ever attended grade school in the United States, you no doubt are more than familiar with the Mayflower and why the ship is so famous. But what you were not told in that classroom is about the mystery that took place on that voyage… on that very ship… that went unsolved for over three hundred years. (The Mayflower Mystery) *** June O’Brien has a problem. She loved toast… and her toast did a really good job of toasting bread. So what was the problem? Well… it appears her toaster was possessed by the devil. (June O’Brien’s Satanic Toaster) *** It was June 1969, and less than a week from his seventh birthday; Dennis went camping with his dad, brother and grandpa for Father’s Day weekend. The next day they bumped into some other Father’s Day campers with kids and they all became quick friends. But while the kids were playing in the tall grass, Dennis disappeared… and was never seen again. (What Happened To Dennis Martin?) *** But first – how can you believe in extraterrestrials, but not be convinced of alien spacecraft? That’s the argument being made by one well-known astronomer. We begin there. (Astronomer Believes In Aliens But Not UFOs)
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