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June Ahern has authored four books; two novels and two non-fictions, and written two screenplays. Her non-fiction book, How to Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts has become a screenplay due to begin production in the summer of 2021 with Veronica Cartwright (Aliens, Witches of Eastwick) in the leading role.
Although mostly retired from private practice June continues to lecture and teach on-line workshops and classes, which can be reviewed at her website. She is also a frequent guest on radio/podcasts.
Since beginning her professional career in 1975 as a psychic reader and medium June has taught many people to manifest their visions into fulfillment. Read more about her coaching at sfcoaching.com. You will also see June ‘s paranormal investigation at reported haunted sites around San Francisco’s Bay Area in historical videos with The Haunted Bay on Amazon Prime, AsianAmericanMovies and Youtube.
Her appearances on television, radio and YouTube, teaching at the Learning Annex, and along with her consumer guide, The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading, has earned her national and international notice. This book was a number one seller by an unknown author at the New York 1991 Whole Life Expo where she was a featured speaker. June has worked with law enforcement to help solve missing persons and murder and she tells about her unique experiences with spirit communication.
June was born in Glasgow, Scotland before emigrating to San Francisco along with her family. They lived in a up district that is situation just about in the heart of the city called Eureka Valley, which became known world-known as the colorful Castro.She now lives on the California coast.

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