June 2022 Spirit Messages

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June Spirit Messages

This has been one of the most difficult years of my life. We are at the midway point and the first thing Spirit has inspired me to say is that you are doing amazing. Regardless of how things are going, you are doing amazing. Remind yourself that you are doing your very best. Too often, we are aware of what we are doing wrong but rely on external sources for support. If you haven’t listened to the last episode, Good Enough, you can go back to it for more on that as well.

I almost didn’t do these June Spirit Messages because I am experiencing my PMDD hell week. I would have been okay with that because I honour myself first. I decided to take this opportunity to experiment with a new way of doing these messages for you and allowing spirit to speak through me. Taking the time to connect deeply with Spirit at this time was a way to have my own back. This is the focus of our messages. Do you have your own back?

In this episode:

  • Do you have your own back? For most of us, it’s a no
  • I am no longer afraid of the unknown
  • We talk ourselves out of things when our body matches a negative thought
  • If you had your own back, would you show up anyways despite the discomfort?
  • You have everything you need to show up for yourself the way you do for others
  • The blinders that keep us from seeing our magnificence are a choice
  • We pacify ourselves to avoid discomfort instead of taking incredible opportunities
  • Give yourself the support you would someone else taking a leap
  • Call your energy back. What does having your own back look like for you?
  • Understanding how to use the mind in harmony with the body
  • When triggered, the first thought is your pattern
  • The second thought should be to say “I am safe in this moment”
  • The third question is a gift from your soul to crack you open 
  • You choose whether to change the pattern
  • This month, recognize your magnificence in every corner of your life
  • I felt emotional with a lot of love and mother energy 
  • After this experience I am feeling light and free instead of the PMDD discomfort
  • New Beginnings – moving forward without fear of the unknown
  • Positive Movement Forward – riding into the sunset, hawk energy
  • Universe – we are not alone, but rather connected to oneness, a mindset shift
  • Transformation – it is already happening



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