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Gene and guest cohost Tim Swartz present a series of fascinating and wide-ranging views from paranormal researcher Joshua Cutchin. He is the author of five critically-acclaimed books: 2015’s “A Trojan Feast: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch” (translated into Spanish as Banquete Troyano); 2016’s “The Brimstone Deceit: An In-Depth Examination of Supernatural Scents, Otherworldly Odors, & Monstrous Miasmas”; 2018’s “Thieves in the Night: A Brief History of Supernatural Child Abductions”; and 2020’s “Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon,” Volumes I & II, with Timothy Renner. His latest book is his two-part masterwork: “Ecology of Souls: A New Mythology of Death & the Paranormal.” Prior to pursuing his dream of becoming a full-time author and musician in 2015, Cutchin served as Public Affairs Director of the University of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music for three years. During his tenure at UGA, Joshua authored over one hundred articles, press releases, and blog posts.