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July 2022 Spirit Messages

Thank you for the positive feedback from the June Spirit Messages. I was very vulnerable and transparent with you that I was in the midst of my PMDD and it ended up being a very powerful channeling session because I had no choice but to get out of my own way. I am in a very similar position this month, so this is another experiment.


I woke up with the feeling of PMDD which includes sporadic crying, anger inside, racing thoughts and not being able to express cohesive thoughts. I almost moved my spirit guide class in the Spirit School Collective to the weekend because it is hard for me to show up in this raw state, but I learned last month that there is power in showing up this way. My guides and closest friends also insisted that I go through with it, so I knew there was a need for me to be in that space. When I surrendered to spirit for the June Spirit Messages, they resonated more than ever and I will be doing the same today.


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In this episode:

  • Spirit reminded me of the message from June to learn to sit with discomfort
  • Action and change come if we allow the discomfort to motivate us away from complacency
  • The decision in the US impacts all women and people who want to see more feminine leadership
  • This threatens people who have power and they will make decisions to set us back
  • I saw spiritual influencers sharing harmful content that was spiritually bypassing and light washing
  • It enraged me to the point of speaking up and sharing a post that could be polarizing on Instagram
  • Escapism often happens when you want to keep rising above reality to higher consciousness
  • We are all worthy of serving spirit in ways we feel passionate about and having a divine connection
  • We chose to have an embodied human experience in this time and space
  • The body keeps score when you bypass uncomfortable emotions and it catches up with you
  • Anger, emotion and drive that will drive change that we want to see for those to come
  • When I asked spirit about raising consciousness, they showed me how petting animals expands us
  • Every time we channel, heal or have spiritual conversations, it raises our consciousness
  • The compound effect of these actions is making great strides individually and collectively
  • It is negligent to bypass what is happening to our fellow humankind as future generations come
  • A big part of the July message is to see where you may be bypassing or skipping steps
  • There are many who cannot carry this, but the rest of us will carry the load
  • Focus on what is in front of you to manage your energy as there is a while to go in this energy
  • Be discerning of what content you consume and pay attention to what makes you contract
  • There are people claiming to know the truth but multiple truths can coexist
  • Clarity and our own truths will come from within first while seeking externally can cause a spiral
  • We are on the precipice of incredible change to our societal structures
  • I am feeling for the first time that this could take place in our lifetime
  • One of my guides is saying that even in times of hostility, peace is always the way out
  • Create systems and space in your life to slow down and prioritize self-care as a necessity
  • All of us taking moments of stillness at the same time will create a moment of great change
  • There are people who oppose this change and want us to be so busy we lose ourselves
  • Our weapon of choice will be peace and it must start from within each of us individually
  • There will be a ripple effect as more people start doing this
  • Honouring our humanity supports the evolution on the other side 
  • A lot of people will have passion ignited from this rage and emotion and step into their purpose
  • Our guides, loved ones and angels are closer than ever and are celebrating us from the other side
  • It wasn’t an easy decision to come here at this time, but you chose to be here