John Titor: Time Traveler or Internet Troll? | 95

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If time travel is possible and future humans are coming back to our era…what would they want? To kill a future despot? To make a change to the environment that saves future generations? To take back a computer from 1975 to make their time machine work properly? If you’re anything like the subject of this week’s show, John Titor, you went with door #3. According to his posts on the internet, John Titor traveled back to the 70s to get a special computer to save time travel. He also made a pit stop along the way in the early 00’s to live with his family (and 2 year old self) and presumably post snotty messages on inane internet forums (not stand-up forums like Hysteria Nation). Sound crazy? That’s the most normal part of this story. This week we do our best Sam Beckett and try to fix what went wrong with the OG Chrononaut – John Titor. Plus, John and Brent ponder the existential perils of time travel (not really – just looking for ways to make money on it). Conspiracy bot ponders the existential perils of time travel (not really – just looking for other ways to kill John and Brent). And David Flora of Blurry Photos is back in the lower 4th (he just wants to time travel to a time before he met Conspiracy Bot). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t have time travel capabilities, but if we did, we’d do things to improve humanity…and make an insane amount of money – Hysteria 51.

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