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Retired Chief Warrant Officer Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Defense (Army). – Mr. DePasquale grew up in South Brooklyn N.Y during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s with a mother who was always on welfare and a step father who wanted nothing to do with him, as a result he developed street smarts and survival skills which later helped in his career. During the peak of the Viet-Nam war Mr. DePasquale attempted to dodge the draft by having a local Godfather sign him up for the local Army Reserves, this only pro-longed to inevitable and his Reserve unit was later activated to active duty and he wound up in the Central Highlands of Viet-Nam. Upon Mr. DePasquale’s return to the U.S; and being greatly discouraged by the war, he moved himself and family to Australia where he met David Hackworth, an Army retiree who was portrayed in the movie Apocalypse Now with Marlon Brando and another American named Jay who he later helped smuggle $250,000.00 out of the country. Mr. DePasquale had to later flee the country with his son after the loss of his money and business, leaving his wife behind. Mr. DePasquale re-entered the Army and was re-assigned to Germany, because of his past experience he was on the fast track for promotions averaging an increase in pay grade every year. Being burned out from working the German streets as a undercover drug dealer, he and three friends from Brooklyn planned to rob a Army payroll truck. Having failed at the robbery and not getting caught turned out to be a major turning point his life, he was later recruited by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID), an elite group working directly for the Secretary of Defense Dick Chaney. He continued on the fast track for promotions and after his promotion to Chief Warrant Officer, was designated for Special Operations and temporarily assigned to Panama where he assisted the CIA with the capture of Manuel Noreiga. During his Special Operations assignment he met a Captain who was also involved with Noreiga but smuggling drugs for him using U.S. planes. Mr. DePasquale later retired In 1998 from the Military after a mass murder of kids and their Father on the installation he was assigned as Special Agent in Charge and which could have been avoided if it were not for politics. After retirement he purchased a 47′ sail boat and sailed along the west coast trying to forget some his past, while in San Diego was notified by his wife she wanted a divorce. Mr. DePasquale now lives in Florida where he continues to look for adventures. – http://trueadventuresofavagabond.com