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Jeff Peckman has been working hard for the last year to give Denver residents the ability to vote on creating a committee to look into Extraterrestrial visitations and share their findings. He has taken disclosure to the grassroots local government level and has been successful! He recently turned in 7000 signatures. It takes just under 4000 to get the issue on the ballot. Soon, possibly by the time the show airs, he will have official word from Denver that it will be on the ballot. Jeff is also the MC for a new event in Denver, a conference called the Galactic Gathering. Its focus is on what we may know about extraterrestrial civilizations. There are three PHDs among the speaker list, and presentations on Native-American knowledge of “star people”. We will get updated from Jeff and more information on the presentations at the Galactic Gathering. Extra Campaign website: http://www.extracampaign.org/ Galactic Gathering: http://www.galacticcivilizations.org/speakers.html