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Jeff Peckman made worldwide news last summer when he launched the Extra Campaign, a ballot initiative to let Denver voters decide whether or not to create an Extraterrestrial Affair Committee. They would be able to investigate the matter to determine what effect Extraterrestrial visitation has on the city and county of Denver. To launch his campaign, he showed a still from a video of a possible Extraterrestrial taken by abductee, Stan Romanek. The initiative was put on hold for the Presidential campaign, while Peckman with others tried to influence Obama into taking on this issue. Having no luck with the incoming administration, Peckman is now re-launching the Denver initiative. We will talk to Jeff about his grassroots efforts to get the government involved with this issue, and the interesting journey he has been on thus far. Including his appearances on David Letterman, and Larry King Live, along with many other interviews across the globe. His website: http://www.extracampaign.org