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Jason Zuk, an intuitive psychic medium since 2004, will cover a variety of topics associated with the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, Life After Death, UFO's, The Paranormal, Missing People, and Much More.

Jason Interviews Dr. Glenn Livingston for his book, Never Binge Again

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Dr. Glenn Livingston Discusses His New Book, Never Binge Again: Reprogram Yourself to Think Like A Permanently Thin Person.   Have you struggled with weight gain or felt obsessed with food?  Do you binge eat and feel guilty afterwards?   If so, you should check out Dr. Livingston’s new book, Never Binge Again which teaches readers to cage their food obsession so that it does not plague them any further.   Livingston, a Psychologist and Former Multi-Million Dollar Consultant to the Health Industry, has cracked the Code on Binge Eating.  Dr. Livingston urges you to disregard the self-love approach and gain control over your “food monster.”   Dr. Livingston will discuss the following topics:  (1) Why we live in the “perfect storm” for overeating; (2) Why rules work better than guidelines; (3) Why character trumps willpower; (4) How to Commit with perfection, but forgive yourself with dignity: and (5) How to end food obsession by starting with only one food choice.

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