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Jason Zuk, an intuitive psychic medium since 2004, will cover a variety of topics associated with the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, Life After Death, UFO's, The Paranormal, Missing People, and Much More.

Jason Interviews Debbie Anderson on How to Use Oracle Cards for Maximum Success

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Jason Interviews Debbie Anderson on How to Use Oracle Cards for Maximum Success.   Debbie is a natural healer who has worked in various spheres of spirituality for all of her life, and she is one of the leading experts in North America on the use of oracle cards.  Her four acclaimed Vibrational Energy Decks for adults and children have sold more than 20,000 decks.   An internationally known clairvoyant born in England, she experienced a spirit-communicating phenomenon early in her life when she saw deceased loved ones, knew information about people that she could not have known otherwise, and she could see future occurrences.   After working with understanding Tarot Cards to guide her friends, and studying at the Arthur Findley College in Stansted, Essex, UK during her twenties, Debbie began to explore her mediumship abilities.  In this process, she was guided to maximize her own intuitive skills through the use of oracle cards.  Debbie teaches others on “How to Use an Oracle Deck in Your Life to Open Doors, Make Decisions from a Place of Alignment with Spirit, and Ensure Ease and Prosperity” to get the most success out of any oracle deck and to heighten their intuitive abilities.  Debbie’s four decks include instructional videos to guide users and consists of (1) Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck, (2) Vibrational Earth Children Oracle Deck, (3) I AM Vibrational Affirmation, and (4) I AM Sacred Affirmation Deck.  For more information on Debbie Anderson, please visit Debbie’s website: www.Vibrational-Energy.com.  

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