Jason Bermas | Jonestown MK Ultra, Bohemian Grove, and The Bilderberg Transhumanist Technocracy

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Jason Bermas, Info Warrior, Human, Activist, Podcaster Documentary Filmmaker, and Journalist, returns to our program for a conversation about what he has been covering lately, we start with a brilliant question, ” Jason What has been pissing you off the most lately?” from there he shared his insight on the media manipulation and how it is in lockstep with the elite NWO agenda, What actually happened at Jonestown, How the Bohemian Grove elites are certainly guilty of something as they gather around their “mock” sacrifice enrobed, and how Charlie Skelton was sadly the only journalist how reported on this years Bilderberg meeting. We tore apart the transhumanist vision for humanity and reasserted what a natural human upbringing maybe should look like. Jason is a true broadcasting pro, and a bona fide multi decade journalist dedicated to exposing the truth and equipping we the resistance with the info necessary to overcome our potentially incoming demise and soul imprisonment.

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