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Jane Eyre is a classic coming-of-age story where a young orphan girl fights against poverty, persecution, and abuse in the 19th century. The once ill-spirited child is now transformed into a kind, empathetic governess who finds herself paired with the brooding, mysterious Edward Rochester who has a haunting past of his own. Based on the gothic novel by Charlotte Bronte, Rachel Pulliam brings you an adaptation fit for audio with an all-star cast and original music by Ross Bernhardt. SOLE TWIN AUDIO

IN PART 3: Accepting her post as governess, Jane arrives at Thornfield more contented than ever. She befriends the housekeeper, Mrs. Fairfax, and enjoys teaching the young French girl called Adele. But what of her employer, the ever-absent Edward Rochester? Will he become her ally or will he provoke fear in her like the wild laughter she often hears in the darkened hallways?

You can find the first two parts of this saga right here at Moonlight Audio, at the following links:



Cast (in order of appearance):

Bruce Busby as Announcer

Lexi DeSollar as Bessie/Housekeeper

Marisha Tapera as Martha Abbot

Colette Feehan as Young Jane/Jane Eyre

John Lingard as Uncle Reed

Margaret Ashley as Mrs. Reed/Hannah

Jerry Kokich as Mr. Lloyd/Carter

Gabe Harris as John Reed/Child

Emily Smith as Eliza Reed/School Girl

Rory L as Georgiana Reed/School Girl

Glenn Hascall as Mr. Brocklehurst

Pete Lutz as Robert Leaven/Party Guest

Alexa Chipman as Miss Temple/Diana Rivers

Rhiannon McAfee as Miss Miller/Cook

Dewby as School Girl

Melissa Fry as Mary Jane

Karl Werner as Mr. Scatcherd

Delaney Brittingham as Helen Burns/Rosamund Oliver

Becca Marcus as Barbara

Frank Guiglielmelli as Dr. Bates

Lisa Michaud as Nurse

Abbie Brown as Marci/Woman

Eleiece Krawiec as Mrs. Fairfax

Alexxandra Macedo as Leah/School Girl

Oceane Lanteigne as Adele

Peter Heimsoth as Mr. Rochester

Jarman Day as John

Mindy Rast-Keenan as Blanche Ingram/Mary Rivers

Andrea Richardson as Lady Ingram

 Karim Kronfli as Richard Mason

 Heath Martin as Clergyman

 Paul Arbisi as Mr. Briggs

Cary Michael Ayers as Shopkeeper

 Shane Harris as Father

 Joshua Spector as St. John Rivers

Party Guests; John Bell, Naomi Parks, Evelyn Castro, Trent

Trachtenberg, Rikujo Marame, and Callum Garner


Post Production Editor, Sound Designer, Producer & Director: Rachel Pulliam

Composers: Ross Bernhardt (original incidental music),

and Tom Rory Parsons (Showcase Classics Theme Tune)

Executive Producer for Dream Realm Enterprises:  Jonithan Patrick Russell