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  CHAPTER 12: RESCUE! (WESTERN) This award-winning 12-chapter Western Serial by Pete Lutz and the Narada Radio Company is presented for your entertainment. Return with us to the days of Saturday morning serials at your local cinema, where the cowboys of the Old West jump off the screen and into your ears! NARADA RADIO COMPANY   ANNOUNCERS: Glenn Higbee, Darren Rockhold JAKE DIMES: Dana Gonsalves BRIAR BUCK: Austin Beach BIRCH HICKAM: Tommy Gragg SHERIFF BERT CONROY: Jeff Niles FRED GREENSLATE: Joe Stofko CHRIS GREENSLATE: Kristin DiMercurio (1-6); Victoria Fancki (7-12) SLIM SUTCLIFFE: Glenn Hascall MOLLY SUTCLIFFE: Nancy Bueler (1-5, 11-12), Nora Estela Gutierrez (6-9) LUPE: Debby Leal-Ramirez BRAX: Bill Hollweg (3-5), Lothar Tuppan (6-12) JOE: Mark Kalita DOC BURNSIDE: Mark Bruzee BETTY JO: Kristy Glick MR LENNON: Russell Gold SPICER: David Ault JUDGE: Mark Hacala BAILIFF: Viktor Aurelius PROSECUTOR: Jordan J. Scavone DEFENSE: Jack Ward   RANCH HANDS: Glenn Higbee, Paul J. Patterson, Owen McCuen, Dayn Leonardson, Gene Giggy, Evy Elizondo, Pete Lutz   TOWNSFOLK: Lisa Michaud, Teddi Giggy, Pete Lutz   “Jake Dimes Theme” composed by Pete Lutz, arr./perf. by Dr. Ross Bernhardt Sound effects acquired from the Public Domain, freesound dot org, and/or created by Pete Lutz