“It’s Not Hunched, It’s Head Is Going Straight Into Its Shoulders” -12th October 2020

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My sighting occurred on the 12th October 2020. I was researching a forest that I’ve had many experiences in over the last few years. I was heading towards the exit and I was a bit anxious to be leaving (due to reasons I’ll mention in a bit) It was near dusk and it had started to rain again which meant I was losing light fast plus, due to lock downs, I was also out researching on my own. But I’d had a great day and I had found some great structures etc so all was good. It was at that point that I caught movement slightly ahead and to my left, and when I turned I saw a Forest being/Sasquatch run into the shrub line inside the wooded area to my left and he ran right past me until he was out of sight. He was no more than 25 feet away if that. It was the shock of it more than anything. Although I’m out researching them, it doesn’t quite prepare you for seeing one. At no point did I feel threatened or anything negative, just a bit shocked.”

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