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When I was around 19 I was on a date with a lad that I was seeing and we went to the pub that has the little phone box next to it. It was called the Crime View at the time. Now it’s an Italian restaurant. If I remember correctly I had maybe half a larger and we had been playing pool. We left the pub and walked a little ways down the road from the pub. We are both standing there just chatting on the pavement close to the trees.
From nowhere came this mighty ‘roar’. I don’t know how to describe it, it wasn’t a growl or a roar, more a mixture of the two. It was nothing that myself or the lad recognised. It wasn’t your usual wildlife, it wasn’t a fox or a deer or anything like that. The ‘roar’ was coming from a place on level with us, but the land has a steep embankment here. So whatever growled was either really, really tall or it was in one of the trees close to us. I can’t describe just how deep this roar was. It was like a lion’s roar, a very deep baritone roar.