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If you grew up in a haunted house, would you think it’s possible that something from your childhood home was still, somehow, with you? What if you continued to encounter something…unexplainable…at night, on a regular basis, years and years later? Could it be the strange playmates you had from your childhood, just wanting to hang out? Or could it be something a bit more sinister?Today, on Homespun Haints, we talk to Shaun, who’s had a series of strange events plague him since childhood. We’ll let you decide if they’re all random coincidences, or if they’re all, somehow, related. With guest Shaun Nigro, Co-host of The Writer's Block Podcast and co-founder of 8 Sparks Media.

Find out more at https://www.8sparksmedia.com/ and also check out his newest book, Koala Celebrates Songkran.

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