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It Never Gets Respect: Metallica and the making of St Anger

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Another strange tale from the world of music here as Cian and Donal delve into Metallica’s infamously difficult phase during the recording of their much-maligned St Anger album. Metallica stand head and shoulders above most other groups in the metal world, and at the time they were making this record their star was still shooting up. But personal problems left them wracked with insecurity and an identity crisis that played out onscreen in the documentary Some Kind Of Monster. The film is full of unintentionally hilarious moments as these monster egos tiptoe around one another on eggshells, using nonsense therapy-language, and making ludicrous musical decisions.

It was an incredibly strange time for one of the biggest bands on Earth, and the guys have a lot to say about it. So grab yourself a coffee, get FRANTIC, and fall madly in anger with IT NEVER GETS RESPECT: METALLICA AND THE MAKING OF ST ANGER.

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