Is This War Zone Haunted? | Real Ghost Stories

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When you grew up in multiple war zones, you end up becoming rather numb to the idea of death and mortality. John Paul Newland was one such child. As a young man, he witnessed a woman standing in his garden purchasing oranges. The only problem. There was no market and no woman there in the present day. This would be far from the only spirit he would encounter. Today we hear his story, on The Grave Talks.

 In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

    • How often does John run into situations where he learns about the past from the spirits themselves, and can then verify the points they present through audio and text.
    • What happened when a spirit showed John the experience of childbirth?
    • Are you more likely to have spirits following you if you spent portions of your life in a negative setting like war?
    • What kind of message did the spirit of a murdered seven-year-old have on John and his team?
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