Is This Hotel Haunted? | True Ghost Stories

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A couple checks into a hotel… only to discover… they are not alone in their room.
Here is a preview of the story. 
“They had a great meal in town and walked back to the hotel. When they came back in and entered the lobby of the Blennerhassett Hotel, it was empty. There was no one, at the front desk. No other guests walking around. It gave them a weird feeling, but they thought they would go upstairs to their rooms. They walked over to the elevator. A lady was in the elevator. She was dressed in old time clothing and hat, with boots that laced up passed the ankles. Her skin was almost void of color. She was attractive lady. The gentlemen thought maybe the hotel was having a reenactment of some sort. Where were the other people? Maybe she was spending the night there. The elevators are slow and very old. Many folks choose to take the stairs instead of riding the elevator due to this.”

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