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“IS THERE AN INTER-DIMENSIONAL TIME PORTAL IN ARIZONA?” and More Paranormal Stories! #WeirdDarkness

IN THIS EPISODE: A young wife, home alone with her husband in the military, begins experiencing strange happenings in their apartment. *** On a rainy night, a man begins to hear strange sounds from above that can’t be explained. *** A WeirdDarkness listener tells their story of being terrified by an entity… for over 21 years. *** A deceased relative saves the life of one woman – her husband tells us the story. *** An invisible friend decides to show up, uninvited, on a camping trip in an original story submitted by a WeirdDarkness subscriber. *** A chat with a small boy at a wedding unexpectedly turns into a paranormal encounter. *** A female presence haunts a newly married Japanese couple. *** A conman teams up with a necromancer… and it does not bode well for either one of them. *** The old Lake View Sanitarium, constructed in 1930 as a tuberculosis sanatorium, is now one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin. *** A young girl encounters a terrifying entity… in the bathroom. *** Is a time portal hidden in the Arizona Mountains near Mexico? One man swears to it.

(Dark Archives episode from November 06, 2017)
“Apartment From Hell” submitted to WeirdDarkness.com by Lacy T.
“From Above” submitted to WeirdDarkness.com by Sabby Ray (https://www.facebook.com/ray.saibal)
“Him” submitted to WeirdDarkness.com by Taylor Rydbom https://www.facebook.com/taylor.rydbom
“My Deceased Nan Saved My Life” submitted anonymously at WeirdDarkness.com
“The Camping Trip” submitted to WeirdDarkness.com by Michael
“The Boy In The Sailor Suit” – https://www.myhauntedlifetoo.com/2017/11/01/boy-in-the-sailor-suit/
“The Female Presence That Haunted The Green House” – http://amzn.to/2y4lvW9
“The Wife Swapping Elizabethan Magicians” – https://www.myhauntedlifetoo.com/2017/10/30/halloween-case-26-wife-swapping-elizabethan-magicians/
“The Terrifying Madison, Wisconsin Sanitarium” – https://www.myhauntedlifetoo.com/2017/10/26/2280/
“The San Jose Bathroom Spirit Stalker” – https://www.myhauntedlifetoo.com/2017/10/25/halloween-case-21-san-jose-bathroom-spirit-stalker/
“Mysterious Interdimensional Portal That Can Alter Time Is Hidden In The Arizona Mountains” – http://ow.ly/Bb4b30gn7td
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