Is The World Controlled by a Group of Elite Reptilians?

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The reptilians, which are often called lizard people, reptiloids, saurians or draconians, are the blood-drinking, humanoid shapeshifters that are believed to roam the Earth with the single objective of enslaving the human race in mind. These extra-terrestrial reptilians are suspected of taking important and greatly influential roles in human society, such as being political leaders, corporate executives, award-winning celebrities, and billionaires. Therefore, by shapeshifting into their human form and occupying these ranks in the hierarchy of society, they’re allegedly capable of exerting their power, effectively working toward their end goal of dominating the whole of Mankind. As of today, the Reptilian Elite theory is thought to be one of the most successful political conspiracies of our time, seeing as Icke has supporters across around forty-seven countries, and a staggering estimate of twelve million US citizens are thought to be believers. Now, let’s look into the Reptilian Elite conspiracy.

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