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Welcome back misfits! This episode, while simultaneously recording a podcast and trying to figure out which one of her upstairs neighbors has been playing “smoke on the water” for 45 minutes on their bass guitar, Emmy discusses the age old question we know has been on all of your minds: is Elvis still alive? While some think the King died decades ago, super fans are still holding out hope that he was an extra in “Home Alone”. Not weird enough for you? Try this. Steve tells the story of a woman who married a pirate ghost, and then decided to divorce him a few weeks later. This begs the question, what would a human-pirate-ghost-baby look like? Then, Steve, Emmy and friend of the show Zach round out the episode with a discussion of the hit 1964 classic, Pinocchio in Space — spoiler alert, it’s pretty tough to get through (the movie, not the conversation).

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