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We’d like to introduce our newest show to our devoted Psychic Insights for the Modern World family. While we all patiently wait for James to come back to the microphone, please take the time to get to know another talented psychic/medium: Erika Gabriel. Subscribe to her show You are Not Alone to hear new episodes every Thursday.

Crystals are beautiful and we may even have a few but how do they actually affect us? Can they “heal” and how do they do that? Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner Emelie Collet breaks down all things crystals, energy and even Chakras. We find out crystals to use for anxiety, how to “clear” crystals and she takes us through a detailed “crystal starter kit”. The coolest part of this episode…WE ARE SISTERS!! We get to talk about growing up as sensitive kids and dealing with hauntings. Ultimately this episode is about sacred friendship and sisterhood. This special conversation is nearest and dearest to my heart, don’t miss it!

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