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Hi, Coast to Coast Fans! We want to share a new true crime podcast hosted by Hilarie Burton Morgan that we think you’ll love…

About the show: The tight knit fabric of a small town can be torn apart when a violent crime happens.

Join host and advocate Hilarie Burton Morgan in the companion podcast to SundanceTV’s powerful true crime documentary series, “It Couldn’t Happen Here.” Along with key crew from the TV series as her co-hosts, Burton Morgan will dive deeper into the cases covered on the show featuring never before heard archive and a behind the scenes lens of how the team tackles these head-scratching and heart-breaking stories. “It Couldn’t Happen Here” encourages everyone to get curious, get involved, and ask how can I help when it appears the system has failed?

After listening to this podcast, you’ll find yourself thinking twice about our series title: “It Couldn’t Happen Here”. It can, and it does, more than you would think.

For more information on the cases we cover or if you have a case you’d like us to tackle, please follow our advocacy work on @ICHHstories on Instagram and Twitter

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