Crypto Science Society Presents

Hosted ByJason S. Cordova

On this podcast, the Crypto Science Society shares stories of our adventures with the unknown. We will bring you inside our investigations to reveal first-hand discoveries. You’ll hear of haunted history, cattle mutilations, black magic mayhem, close encounters, funny farms, aquatic anomalies, and forest phantasms. We have peered behind the veil and are ready to tell the tail…

Introducing Adventure Scholar: What’s in a Name?

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Every story has its beginning, whispers of which can be traced through space and time to a point of origin. As a folklorist, I place great value on the traditional, yet I maintain awareness of the propensity of such concepts to change and evolve along with the people who carry these practices.

The origins of this project, Adventure Scholar, are no exception. Much as a seed destined to sprout from the depths of eternity, the ideas that would nurture the growth of this project gestated in our minds for some time before springing forth into the light.

In many ways, this project was born out of a community effort for engaging in a local grassroots approach while maintaining a globally-minded vision. The core members of this project all have roots in Colorado, yet have collectively engaged with projects and networks spanning the United States, Mexico, parts of Europe, and Japan.

It is with this global community in mind that we will be launching the Adventure Scholar podcast to share this project with broader audiences. While we do offer public speaking, workshops, and folk inspired educational performances through our speaker’s bureau, the podcast is an opportunity to become acquainted with the project while learning about engaging subjects!

Much more than a typical introduction, our first podcast episode “What’s in a name?” will delve into the cultural meanings and practices attached to naming. This is your opportunity to get to know the project members and the vision behind Adventure Scholar. Join us on a journey to expand your mind and empower your inner adventure scholar!