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Episode 128 – Interview with The Winnipeg Spiritism Society
August 3, 2022

Well…..where does that time go?? We apologize for the extended break. Due to unforeseen family situations and COVID…yes, I said COVID which affected both our houses – we are heeeeerrrreeeeeee!

This week’s first episode back from our hiatus, we are joined by Geo, who is a member of The Winnipeg Spiritism Society. Among many of the services they provide, they can also help when someone has encountered a spirit in their home that they do not know how to deal with.

‘Spiritism teaches that communications can be very useful, if done with vigilance and care. Spiritism teaches that spiritual education is a better solution than absolute prohibition of spiritual communications.’

However this brief description is just the Cole-notes version. For an expanded explanation, please visit their website at Winnipeg Spiritist Society – What is Spiritism? (wpgspiritist.ca).

……It’s good to be back!

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