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Skinwalker Radio, named after the infamous Skinwalker Ranch, is a podcast that covers unexplained phenomena, ranging from secret government projects and conspiracies to apparitions, or UFOs.

Interview with Skinwalker Ranch researcher and NIDS investigator Bruce Cornet

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Bruce was a member of Robert Bigelow’s NIDS team at Skinwalker Ranch.  He joined the team at the tail end of the investigation and Bigelow was standing down the investigation.  The hope was that the addition of Bruce to the team would convince Bigelow to keep the NIDS project going but unfortunately the team was disbanded.  Bruce tells us about his experiences with NIDS and discusses some of the findings of the NIDS team.  He also talks about his work in Hudson River Valley where he has seen evidence of underground alien bases.  We discuss several theories about Skinwalker Ranch and I hear his opinions on a wide variety of topics.   
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