Interview with Janet From Babble Merchants and Windsor Park Hangings

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Episode 131 – Interview with Janet from Babble Merchants and Windsor Park Deaths

WHAT an action packed episode Jas and Sher, your Audio Curators, have summoned for you this week!
We are again back from a 5 month self-imposed hiatus or time out, or whatever you call it. Back in comfort zone – The PodLounge! This week we invite Janet from Prairie Spirit Paranormal Society our other Podcast that is currently in limbo due to COVID.

Janet, (or Jan-Jan as she is known) on her new podcast, “Babble Merchants” is a collaborated effort between herself and her Las Vegas, former Winnipegger friend – Ty! Together they keep it light and weird and discuss a wide variety of random topics – old and new; They Babble you laugh!

In addition, the 3 Ladies discuss the darker side to Windsor Park located in South Winnipeg. From the strange deaths to the hangings and of course our favorite…..HAUNTINGS!

This podcast is a paranormal friendly and a ghost safe place.

Music by Ruesche-Sounds

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