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Colin Lyall owns a bookshop in the town most famous for UFO visitations in the UK. Todmorden, a small town on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire, was home to the famous UFO flap in the 1980’s where police officer, Alan Godfrey, was reportedly abducted and returned whilst carrying out his police duties. Colin is one of the founders of Todmorden UFO Meet, a place where people can safely report and discuss their extra terrestrial experiences with no fear of mockery or discrimination. I talk to Colin about the Godfrey case, his experiences and why he set up the group. Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at The Golden Lion pub, Todmorden. https://m.facebook.com/goldenliontod/posts/yay-the-ufo-society-is-backevery-third-tuesday-of-the-month-from-6-pmtomorrow-th/2848787942025767/?locale2=ro_RO¬†