Strange Phenomenon

Hosted ByRay Tarara and R.J. Blake

STRANGE PHENOMENON is a documentary podcast, featuring expert and eyewitness interviews, delving into events and anomalies that appear to be beyond the realm of conventional scientific understanding.

Taking a facts-based yet open-minded approach, Strange Phenomenon digs deeper than the typical paranormal podcast. Every other week will bring the audience new episodes on obscure tales of bizarre events and occurrences with info compiled from first-hand, scientific and historical resources.

INTERVIEW: President of METI – Douglas Vakoch

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Douglas Vakoch, president of METI (a non-profit organization that is dedicated to Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence), dives deep with Strange Phenomenon on theories of why we haven’t made contact with alien life, METI’s mission and what they’re doing to establish communication with life outside our planet.




Twitter: @Strange-Phenom

Instagram: @Strange-Phenom

Hosted by Ray Tarara

Written & Produced by R.J. Blake and Ray Tarara

Theme music by Terra Monk

Additional music by: 

Sergey Cheremisinov

Special Guest: Douglas Vakoch –

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