International Tarot Weekend Facebook LIVE “Kick-Off Party”!

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You can Watch the video version anytime at:

Here is the audio recording from our International Tarot Weekend Facebook LIVE “Kick-Off Party”! …Hosted by Dax Carlisle, Gary Karp, and they were joined by Mary Brown! ….A great discussion on how they first discovered Tarot, and their journeys in the World of Tarot! Plus a look at Tarot Reading, how Tarot has become more popular & mainstream, and what lies in the future….

A great Kick-Off to our events this weekend for International Tarot Day & Weekend! Saturday will feature Mary & Dax on “Tarot Today Radio”, continuing the celebration, and on Sunday “tune in” for Sharonah Rapseik with her Special Guest: Sasha Graham, discussing the RWS Tarot deck!

Find out more about International Tarot Day & Weekend, our events, and more details at: