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The Expanded Perspectives podcast is a weekly show about ancient history, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, time slips, serial killers, the paranormal, trolls and fey folk, legends, myths and dark historical tales that spark the imagination. Each episode offers an immersive audio experience that brings up more questions than answers. Join Kyle and Cam each week as they explore the unknown and perhaps expand your perspective….for more information go to www.expandedperspectives.com

Inquisitive Interlopers

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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how what happens when your own devices turn against you? In one bizarre case a man’s electronic Pace Maker actually provided evidence against him in an arson case. And a woman’s FitBit actually led Police to realize that she was lying about an attempted rape. It turns out that privacy issues are moving under our skin—now the devices that keep us alive and healthy can also be used against us in the court of law. Then, a possible Gorilla like Sasquatch sighting in Texas back in 1960. The story comes from the Sherman Democrat that was originally printed in the July 20, 1960 edition. It is one more piece evidence that proves sightings of wood ape-like creatures predate the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage.

Then, there are some who firmly believe the human race knows more about distant galaxies and alien planets located light years away from Earth than what lies beneath the surface of our planet. Curiously, it took the Voyager 1 spacecraft nearly 26 years to exit our solar system, which is about the same amount of time scientists on Earth needed to penetrate 12 kilometers into our planet’s surface. After more than two decades, scientists created the Kola Superdeep Borehole and a drill depth of more than 7.5 miles (12 kilometers). The Kola Superdeep Borehole reached 12,262 meters (40,230 ft) in 1989 becoming the deepest artificial point on our planet.

Then, a strange story from New York City back in 1989. The witness was lying in bed unable to sleep when a very bright white light entered the room. Then three or four humanoids entered her bedroom apparently through the walls and stood by her bed. These beings were described as 5-foot tall, wide, and heavyset, with large heads, large pupil less eyes, no ears, or hair with dark bluish skin. Their hands were very large with thick fingers and nails. They wore white coats down to their ankles. She was asked to come with them and followed them down to the street. After the break Cam brings up some strange and unusual encounters with the Men In Black and some possible Women In Black.

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Show Notes:

What Happens When the Computer That Keeps You Alive Can Also Put You In Jail?
Historical “Gorilla” Account From Sherman, Texas
You won’t believe what Scientists found when they drilled the world’s DEEPEST hole
Tall Thin Black-Eyed Female Humanoid
The Real Men In Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO Phenome by Nick Redfern
Women In Black: The Creepy Companions of the Mysterious M.I.B.
Men In Black: Personal Stories and Eerie Adventures 


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