INNER SANCTUM: Death of a Doll

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Recording of a live performance of the Narada Radio Company, at RealmsCon 2015 in Corpus Christi, TX. Originally released 10/30/15, on archive dot org, in honor of World Audio Drama Day.

Our production has all the earmarks of a live performance: people coughing, folks walking in and out of the room, etc. Try not to let that distract you too much. 

“Inner Sanctum Mysteries: Death of a Doll” was originally broadcast on NBC radio in October 1948. 


ANNOUNCER: Lisa Espinoza HOST/BEAU COUSINS: Jason D. Johnson WILL HARPER: Pete Lutz MR. JACKSON/KARA NANA/INSP. SHEA: Dana Gonsalves THE DOLL/THE CLERK: Kristy Glick McGRUNDY: George Hatfield   ORGANIST: Ross Bernhardt