Inner Child and Outer Expression with Jenni Conn

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I’m so excited to introduce you to Jenni Conn today! I was on her podcast last year and I wanted to have her on Spirit School for quite a few reasons. Jenni is a psychic medium, a spiritual mentor, and the host of The Medium Experience podcast. She’s a lover of champagne and all the beauty that this world has to offer.

Jenni has been a student of mine for a while,and has done some incredible development over the past few years including going to the UK. I admire her confidence, how she shows up in the world, and I just think that she is a fantastic human being. Jenni is giving and generous in all the different spaces she occupies, and I thought Spirit School listeners would resonate with her. Our inner world experience is different from how other people experience us and Jenni shares how astrology can help us to understand the nuances of that. 

Jenni loves psychology and uses her mediumship abilities strongly with the connection to inner child and the heart chakra. In this episode, she shares how her personal challenges have influenced how she is able to help her clients through their own inner child and emotional healing processes. She also hosts retreats where people are invited to do this deep work in a luxurious environment that reflects her champagne taste. 

TW: Suicide conversation; personal story and in the context of mediumship

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In this episode:

  • Jenni uses her mediumship abilities with the connection to inner child and the heart chakra
  • As a Cancer sun, she wants to soothe the inner child wound in others when it comes up
  • Jenni recognized that she needed to take radical responsibility for her inner child healing
  • Her psychic and mediumship gifts opened up when she started doing this work
  • I had a powerful experience sitting with my inner child to heal my stage fright wound
  • Jenni believes that our astrological sun sign is our highest self we evolve into
  • Our rising sign is our egoic behaviour and our moon is our inner child
  • Knowing the needs of each voice helps you manage your life easier
  • Though she didn’t have an awareness of it, Jenni had psychic abilities at a young age
  • She has an inner knowing when people lie, partly from past trauma
  • Her psychic abilities kicked off when she was a hairstylist and was touching people
  • Jenni learned that her intuition had been correct when she learned on infidelities in her marriage
  • She learned to trust herself and her body through clairsentience
  • Both of us have thrived in our masculine and are leaning into femininity
  • Jenni surprised herself by doing a 365 day reels challenge despite the feminine being chaotic
  • Mediumship is a medium that can be used many ways like a pencil so it can’t be compared
  • Jenni uses hers to bring wisdom from the higher self rather than evidential mediumship 
  • Even inspirational mediumship has an important role in advancing us as humans
  • Not everyone is meant to be on TV at the highest capacity in mediumship
  • Historically, mediumship is based on an external force rather than the wisdom within us
  • Jenni believes that sharing what was not expressed in life is more healing than evidence
  • A teacher’s views on suicide and Indigenous Spirits are partly why Jenni did minimal training
  • Cancer is ruled by the moon and reflects the light of others, so Cancers impact people
  • Fear-based teachers can have toxic and harmful beliefs 
  • Jenni channels astrology information that is often validated by astrologists
  • When she experiences hardships, they allow her to help clients experiencing the same
  • You receive a lot more information from people who influence you when you’re psychic
  • We have alter egos that come out in social situations to be seen (Leo) or mysterious (Scorpio)
  • Jenni hosted the Je Vois retreat (I see) a 4 day, 360 degree view of your life
  • She plans events through the lens of a woman who doesn’t know anyone
  • Each day starts with education, then integration and celebration to keep from being too heavy
  • Je Vois is a combination of deep hard work and luxury
  • The topics for the days are inner child, align body and soul, and ascend to connect with Spirit
  • Jenni is collaborating with Renata for the next step, Je Crée, which is I Create
  • Themes are confess your truth, commit to rewriting the contract, and conquer the outer expression
  • Champagne is part of Jenni’s brand and she sent two bottles for 2 years of the Collective