Hosted ByTasha Dreadful / Steve Chaos

(Explicit) A podcast exploring strange and unusual stories that are sure to make your brain tingle. From aliens to crime scenes we bring you some interesting tales. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we hope you will grab a drink and join us for a laugh and maybe a scare or two.

Inebriated indiscretions and UFO encounters

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In 1976, 4 men went into the woods in Maine, and came out with a story to tell their grandchildren. But what really happened that night that seemed to change all of their lives forever? 
Allagash Abductions.
What are UFOs doing in the woods of Maine or at an small airport in Texas?
Come along with us as we drink to much and try to have a serious conversation- 
SPOILER we fail. 

Dear Friends in Maine, I apologize for all of my terrible pronunciations of the places in your small, spooky, but very interesting state. 

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