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On this captivating episode of Bigfoot Society, your host Jeremiah Byron delves into the mysterious world of Bigfoot with special guests Tanner and Kelly, esteemed members of Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Search. Prepare to be enthralled as they unveil their thrilling search for the legendary creature, recount Kelly’s multiple heart-stopping encounters, and shed light on the intriguing link between Missing Person Cases and Bigfoot Sightings.

Joining us first is Tanner Hoskins, Co-Founder and Lead Investigator of Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Search. Despite being an amputee of the right leg, Tanner’s unwavering passion for the great outdoors fuels his determination as an avid outdoorsman, never requiring any accommodations. With a background in private security and public safety, Tanner brings invaluable expertise to the team. From contacting witnesses and meticulously vetting report submissions to strategically planning investigations in the remote wilderness, his contributions are paramount. When he’s not actively pursuing the truth behind Bigfoot, Tanner indulges in his love for hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting, and off-roading.

Next, we introduce Kelly, Co-Founder and Lead Field Researcher of Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Search. Raised on a rural ranch in Montana and spending most of his life in the untamed wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, Kelly is a true outdoorsman. Armed with his deep understanding of military reconnaissance and wilderness survival, he has embarked on countless expeditions, following up on reports of Bigfoot activity across the region. Kelly’s wealth of experience and expertise has led him to explore thousands of miles in search of elusive clues.

Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Search is a remarkable team comprising wilderness survivalists, military reconnaissance specialists, and skilled trackers. Their formation stems from a spine-chilling encounter with three unidentified, towering bipedal creatures deep within Washington State’s forests in July 2020. With each member bringing unique skills to the table, they have dedicated themselves to unraveling the enigma surrounding Bigfoot.

Tune in to this extraordinary episode of Bigfoot Society as Jeremiah Byron and his guests take you on a captivating journey through the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, uncovering the secrets of Bigfoot and unearthing the surprising connections between missing persons and the legendary creature.



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