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I noticed an old gnarled tree standing alone on the right side of the road where the beautiful view was and although the tree had been there as long as I could remember I stopped to look it over. About 8 feet up the trunk were fresh rips into the bark but they were so deep they went into the wood below the bark. Each one looked around 15cm long and were fresh enough to have liquid sap leaking from them. I thought at that point it was probably a big cat and it had stretched up along the trunk to sharpen its nails. But it occured to me that cats pull downwards and these cuts were at an odd angle.

There were two marks on the left and three on the right of the trunk, at about 30 degree angles. It looked like a person with long nails had reached up and started near the middle of the tree trunk then gouged outwards and down at the same time.

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