I Desire More – A Discussion With Luscious Hustle

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I get to sit with the Luscious Hustle once again and discuss the concept of making decisions from DESIRE. This was a word I didn’t always resonate with, or know what to do with, but over the past year I have seen how valuable the inquiry “do I desire this” has been. 

We pose the three questions: 

  • What comes up for you when you hear “Desire” 
  • When was a time you followed your desire and it didn’t work out? 
  • When did you follow your desire and it DID work out? 

We share our experiences and talk about our upcoming 3-hour masterclass on December 21st called DESIRE 

You can save $111 by registering before December 5th! Use code idesiremore 


This three-hour masterclass I teach how I use my relationship with my Spirit Team to help inspire me to achieve my goals and desires. 

  • Teachings on how your Spirit team (Guides, Angels, Ancestors) support you in achieving your desires.
  • Tuning into your higher self to reveal what is possible for your highest potential in 2022 – tuning into your desires.

  • Celebrating and integrating the lessons of 2021 to clear energetic space for what’s to come.

  • Discovering how Human Design, a fusion of ancient and modern sciences, supports your unique energetic strategy and uncover what makes you different from everyone else.

  • Learning how to access your deepest desires and understand where conditioning may be blocking you from actualizing what you want.

  • Unlocking the Divine Feminine leader within to create a life that feels truly aligned in 2022.

Hope to see you in the DESIRE Masterclass !