I Am Evil | Best of RGSO

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What do you do when the spirit you are trying to communicate with comes through a device telling you that they are evil? That’s the question we ask today on Real Ghost Stories Online.
Here is a preview of the story.
“Most of the time, I would get voices coming from the spirit box, saying, “help us.” I had read Louis Charles’s book “Helping ghosts.” It was a book that instructed you on how to send lost spirits to the light. So, I was on a mission to help lost spirits cross over to the light. It was heartbreaking how many spirits that came through asking for help. I helped many spirits crossover…. but one-night, things changed.
I was in the garage doing a spirit box session when a voice came over the spirit box, and it said, “I’m evil” (I have included the audio below). At first, I was a bit scared, but the voice was not menacing sounding, and I replied…”No, you’re not evil, and you are worthy of going to the light.” I did not hear any reply from him, so I ended my session and went to sleep.”

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